Validity period of the certificate

The certificate is valid for life #

All certificates of anteriority issued by provide proof of the existence of your creations. Above all, they are valid for life. The proof is not subject to any expiry or renewal to maintain its validity. As soon as you obtain a certificate, the digital copy (the .pdf) is valid for an unlimited period. The qualified electronic timestamp is a digital stamp that cannot be altered by time.

Conservation of files with no time limit # does not charge any tacit renewal fees or other hidden fees to maintain your deposits. The files attached to the created certificates are kept without a time limit and without additional fees. To find out more about the storage conditions, consult the Consumer or Professional and Non-Professional GTCs.

Retention of a copy in a bailiff’s office for 25 years #

Each deposit can be accompanied by additional formalities with our Bailiff. Choosing to have the Bailiff’s report drawn up in parallel allows you to obtain an authenticated deed which records the deposit of your files and the certificate at the office for 25 years, alongside your deposit, which is valid for life and kept without time limit.