Storage limit for files uploaded to

Do you wish to deposit large files on for your creations?

You have come to the right place has developed an offer tailored to this type of deposit thanks to its cloud-based technology. We do not charge any additional fees based on file size, unlike other online deposit systems.

Currently, up to 5 files can be uploaded per deposit, each up to 1GB in size.
The total size allowed for a deposit is therefore 5 GB since it is possible to submit 5 files per deposit.

Whatever the size of the deposit, the price does not change. Please note that once the deposit has been made, it is not possible to use any unused storage: you must make a new deposit or simply complete an additional deposit.

If storage limits are reached (files larger than 1 GB or total deposit larger than 5 GB) #


1°) You can make a second deposit (5 GB) or, if the exceeding files concern the same creation, simply make an additional deposit (1 GB per file) in relation to the initial deposit.

2°) Identify the most important elements in terms of proof of your creations, then only select them for deposit to reduce the size of the filing.

3°) Compress your files with a software such as WinZip, while dividing them so that they fit within the limit previously indicated. accepts the deposit of compressed files (.zip, .rar…).