Uploading files for a Copyright.eu deposit

To start a deposit, you must first register on the Copyright.eu platform to access the “New Project” form.

Fill in the information requested by the form, i.e., the title, the summary description and the author’s name concerning your deposit. Click on “next” to access the upload process (next illustration).

You can click the “+” button to add your files, or simply drag them to the upload window.

You can upload up to 1 GB per file (see our article: Storage limit for files uploaded to Copyright.eu). Any type of file is accepted, and the upload process on the Copyright.eu platform is secure and encrypted (see our article: Copyright.eu filings are confidential).

Once your files are uploaded, you must choose your offer (standard or premium) to definitively validate the deposit. You will then be able to pay directly for your online order by indicating your billing information and your payment method (for more information on payment methods, consult the Consumer or Professional and Non-Professional Terms and Conditions).

Approximately 15 minutes after confirmation of your order, you will receive your Copyright.eu anteriority certificate by e-mail. If you have also requested a bailiff’s report, this will be drawn up within 72 working hours by our bailiff. You will then receive a digital copy by e-mail and the original by post.