Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How do you charge such attractive rates? has developed a privileged partnership with our Bailiffs. Our platform makes it possible to obtain in a few hours a certificate with a certain and legal date for any type of creation: our objective is to make it accessible to the greatest number at a unique and pragmatic price while providing a top-of-the-range service.

How do I know if I have copyrights?

In France, the Intellectual Property Code provides that copyright exists in a work solely by its creation, as long as it is original and materialised. All types of literary and artistic creation are concerned! This ranges from a simple photograph to the designs and logos of a website…

The deposit allows you to obtain proof of the existence of your creations at a certain date: our certificates thus make it possible to fight against those who would like to appropriate, copy or steal your creations (counterfeiting).

What is the legal force of a COPYRIGHT.EU deposit?

We are lawyers specialising in intellectual property. The certificate is unique: it has an electronic time stamp recognised by the law and, if you choose it, is filed with the Bailiff along with all your creations. You obtain proof of anteriority valid for life and recognised in 177 countries, in addition to the possibility of obtaining the authentic act of the Bailiff.

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Why is it important to get proof of my creations?

Counterfeiting is a growing scourge, particularly with the rise of the Internet. Every year, creators neglect to protect their creations by obtaining proof of anteriority: as a result, proof of their authorship is sometimes impossible to provide in court.

With the time stamped certificate, it is no longer possible to dispute the existence of your creations on a certain date.

Can an idea be protected?

A simple idea cannot be protected by copyright if it is not materialised (e.g. a painting, an object, etc.).

However, it can be protected by another legal framework: unfair competition. It is therefore quite possible to obtain proof of anteriority for an idea or concept if you are convinced of its economic value.

The certificate allows you to exchange with economic partners with the guarantee that you can provide proof of anteriority and authorship for the idea or concept at a certain date, if necessary.

Can an invention be protected?

The classic protection of an invention involves obtaining a patent when it is completed (expect a cost of several thousand euros).

Many inventors prefer to keep their invention secret by obtaining proof of anteriority through the certificate. This allows them to rely on the right of prior personal possession, among other things, while filing a patent later if they are successful.

Often, inventors also use the certificate of anteriority to mark with a certain date all the intermediate stages of development, before obtaining a patent at the end of the process. (this allows to have proof of one’s work with a certain date, to communicate with partners under the seal of secrecy, etc…)

How long does it take to receive my certificate?

Once your deposit is made, it must be time-stamped by a qualified electronic device. This operation generally takes 15 minutes.

If you also choose to have a Bailiff’s report drawn up, as soon as it is validated by the Bailiff, you will receive your documents by e-mail (within 72 hours maximum). The certificate and your documents are available 24 hours a day on the platform under “List of completed filings”.

What type of creation can be filed to obtain the Certisure certificate?

All creations that can be fixed in a file on your computer can be deposited on the platform.

This applies to images and photos (in .jpg or .gif format, for example) as well as texts (.pdf, .word, etc.) or even compressed file sets (.zip or .rar).

Trademarks, on the other hand, are not concerned, as they are industrial property rights that must be applied for at the INPI (for France) or the EUIPO (for the European Union).

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