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Secure and enhance the value of your firm’s or your clients’ intangible assets and important documents with the international service, managed by the trusted third-party Datasure.

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What are the benefits for lawyers, counsels, and legal professionals?

Datasure is the only Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) exclusively specialised in intellectual property. Each filing benefits from a unique legal guarantee and a maximum evidential value.

*Datasure’s electronic timestamping service is recognised throughout the EU as of 19/12/2022. See Qualification Decision and Trusted List.

Proof of certain date and integrity of assets is important to assert your clients’ or company's rights in many cases, in the event of litigation or with economic partners.

Eliminate any doubt about anteriority and approach your cases with peace of mind by proceeding with an evidential deposit with the Qualified Trust Service Provider Datasure.

Through its service, Datasure offers a complete range of services to provide the highest level of guarantee.

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Protect the creations and documents of your clients or your company by creating an account on the secure platform, and by depositing the creations to be secured.

Find all your deposits, proofs and documents clearly identified in your organised and secure Customer Area. supports legal professionals with a secure service and an expert team that is available and attentive.

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  • Certified proof by a qualified Trust Service Provider, Datasure
  • Proven anteriority by date certain (qualified timestamp) and traceable proof
  • Guaranteed integrity of documents and files
  • Legal recognition in many countries, in the EU and internationally
  • Simple, fast, certificate issued in a few minutes and valid for life.

Security and confidentiality of our service

In order to collaborate with its core ecosystem, Datasure offers volume discounts of up to 40% off the public price to IP attorneys, lawyers, and legal professionals.

  • Express Timestamp: from 18.00€ excl. VAT
  • Standard Deposit: from 45.00€ excl. VAT
  • Premium Deposit: from 87.00€ excl.VAT

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The different types of creations

No matter what type of right is involved (copyright, invention, unfair competition/parasitism, business secret, ...), there is always a vital interest in pre-constituting a recognized proof of anteriority and integrity.


Economic Ideas and Concepts

Inventions and Prototypes

Music et Audio

Scientific works

Courses and Trainings

Logos et Graphic Creations

Books and Writings


Softwares, Apps and Websites

Other types of creations?

Tailored for IP professionnals

Founded by jurists and engineers who graduated from CEIPI, we speak your language.

About us

Every day, our team of legal experts and engineers ensure the success and quality of our service. Learn more about us and how this international service was born.

The Trust Service Provider (TSP) Datasure is provided and managed by Datasure. Discover its guarantees and know-how.

Qualification and recognition

Find out all about Datasure, the only qualified Trusted Service Provider (TSP) recognized by the EU that is exclusively specialized in intellectual property.