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Enforcing your rights using legal timestamp and bailiff: how and why?

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Are you a freelance designer, a graphic artist or simply passionate about graphic design?

Copy and paste. This is enough to make your work illegally copied in a few clicks on the Internet

Every author is exposed to plagiarism, whether he or she is a musician, writer, designer, or illustrator. The issue is even more relevant in graphic design, where the line between inspiration, imitation and forgery is sometimes very difficult, if not almost impossible, to determine.

Graphic design manifests itself in various ways: it can be expressed through posters, printed matters, advertising, or decorative art, and includes typographic design, web design, industrial design and visual identity. The latter includes not only logos and graphic charters but also slogans, signs, fonts, and colours, etc. Unfortunately, visual identity is often the victim of plagiarism by malicious competitors or by illicit extraction of content.

To limit the risks of a third party stealing and exploiting your graphic design without authorisation, you can plan to establish proof of your anteriority on it.

Copyright for graphic creations. Protecting a comic, a drawing or an illustration has never been easier.

How to protect your graphic design as effectively as possible?

Under French law, graphic design has the same status as a work of art such as a painting or a sculpture. All artistic works, including logos, signs, or fonts, are protected by copyright law by the mere fact of their creation, subject to their originality. Even an InDesign file can be protected!

However, how can you prove that your graphic work was created on a specific date? And by whom? These are the major questions that will arise in the event of a dispute.

The most effective way to do this is to file a bailiff’s deposit, and there are services such as that can save you time and trouble. With, you can obtain your certificate of anteriority online in less than 15 minutes! Simply upload your visuals online, regardless of the format, so that they are dated, and no one can challenge your authorship in the event of a dispute.

Protect your graphic creations!

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Why choose for online graphic designs protection?

By registering with, you grant legal protection to all your creations by providing proof of their date and content (copyright).

  • Each certificate is timestamped and registered in the register,
  • It is internationally valid (+177 countries),
  • Certificate of anteriority valid for life,
  • Optionally, you can obtain an official bailiff’s report (authenticated deed),

The benefits of copyright law protection:

  • Simplicity of evidence procedures (up to 5 files for 1 deposit with the possibility of unlimited additional deposits),
  • Copyright lasts for 70 years after the death of the author,
  • The certificate of anteriority is internationally valid, in at least all countries of the Berne Convention (+177 countries).