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Your creation is not listed in our menu? Proof of anteriority is important to assert your rights in many cases.

Date your creations on the secure platform. Service: the choice of a French, independent and recognised service.
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For what type of creations?

Almost all creations are subject to law, in particular intellectual property law. Whether it is a work of the mind or an invention prototype, proof of anteriority (Copyright) may be necessary to enforce your rights.

Intellectual Property

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Certain date

Your certificate is dated by a qualified electronic timestamp, providing it a certain date. Optionally, you can obtain a bailiff’s report.

The service is the result of twofold expertise: legal and IT. You can now easily obtain legal proof in a few clicks.

Storage capacity

Up to 5 GO total per deposit (5 files at 1 GO each). Storage is no longer a limit for dating your large files.

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More files to secure later?

With the additional deposit, you can add a new file (max. 1 GO) to your original deposit at any time, at the reduced price of 15 € excl. tax.

You get a new certificate each time, as your creations evolve.

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