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Enforcing your rights using legal timestamp and bailiff: how and why?

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Creator of designs?

Creativity knows no bounds, unfortunately so does the imagination of counterfeiters. One of the sectors most affected by this type of action is the extremely competitive fashion industry.

To protect themselves against copying or counterfeiting, it is important for designers, even small ones, to protect their designs. This protection is essential at each stage of the creation process: from the first sketch of a design drawn on paper to its presentation to the public, for example during a fashion show, a showroom, an event, etc.

Copyright for designs. Protecting a design has never been easier.

How to protect your creations as effectively as possible?

You don’t need a law degree or a lawyer to protect your rights. We explain everything.

A work is protected by copyright law simply by its creation, provided of course that it is original and materialised. However, the question is how to prove that the work was created on a specific date. Several means exist.

The most effective is the bailiff’s deposit, and there are services such as to save you the time and trouble of having to go through the process. With, you can obtain your certificate of anteriority online in less than 15 minutes!

Protect your designs!

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How to protect your creations as effectively as possible?

By registering with, you grant legal protection to your important creations by providing proof of their date and content (copyright).

  • Each certificate is timestamped and registered in the register,
  • It is internationally valid (+177 countries),
  • Certificate of anteriority valid for life,
  • Allows a proof of anteriority while keeping your creation confidential,
  • Optionally, you can obtain an official bailiff’s report (authenticated deed),
  • It is possible to file unlimited additional deposits from 15€ excl. tax for the same creation at a later date (sequels, series, collections to be continued…).

With, you assign a certain date to your designs in a matter of minutes.

The benefits of copyright law protection:

  • Simplicity of evidence procedures (up to 5 files for 1 deposit with the possibility of unlimited additional deposits),
  • Copyright lasts for 70 years after the death of the author,
  • The certificate of anteriority is internationally valid, in at least all countries of the Berne Convention (+177 countries).
  • Computer files resulting from computer-aided design (CAD) are also, per se, protectable by copyright like any other digital work. The deposit is perfectly suited to this type of file, in particular thanks to the large storage capacity provided per deposit.

There is also a separate right, called “Design Law“, which is not the same as copyright law. See our documentation: Protecting your designs: copyright or specific design law?