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Enforcing your rights using legal timestamp and bailiff: how and why?

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Are you an inventor or a creator of a prototype?

Do you have an innovative product idea, or do you want to create a prototype of your future solution? You probably wonder how to protect your concept. It is quite understandable; we know too many stories of inventors condemned to remain in the shadows while usurpers have passed to posterity.

Contrary to what you may read on the Internet, preserving confidentiality is not the only way to avoid having your idea stolen. There is a quick, simple and affordable way: to establish proof that you are the author! We hope that our article will help you understand the subtleties of this subject.

Copyright for inventions. Protecting a prototype has never been easier.

In France, as a matter of principle, a simple idea cannot be protected. It is the resulting creation that will be protected, such as an invention protected by a patent.

However, there are important advantages to dating your invention concept before it is completed (prototype):

  • Firstly, it allows you to be more confident in sharing with your partners or potential investors. At some point, you will have to disclose your innovative concept,
  • Secondly, you can benefit from the right of prior personal possession., a solution to protect an invention, a prototype or a concept

An inventor must therefore plan to establish proof of the anteriority of an invention to limit the risks of a third party implementing this idea and using it without authorisation.

Several solutions are possible for the constitution of this proof. The most effective is the bailiff’s deposit, and there are services such as to save you the time and trouble of having to go through the process. With, you can obtain your certificate of anteriority online in less than 15 minutes! On our website, you can upload as many files (photos, pdf, drawings, etc.) as you need, so that your invention is well protected in case of litigation. This confidential approach preserves the secret nature of your prototype.

Protect your inventions!

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Why choose for online inventions and prototypes protection?

  • Each certificate is timestamped and registered in the register,
  • It is internationally valid (+177 countries),
  • Certificate of anteriority valid for life,
  • Allows a proof of anteriority while keeping your creation confidential,
  • Optionally, you can obtain an official bailiff’s report (authenticated deed),
  • It is possible to file unlimited additional deposits from15€ excl. tax for the same creation later,

With, you assign a certain date to your inventions in a matter of minutes.

The benefits of dating an invention, idea or concept:

  • Simplicity of evidence procedures (up to 5 files for 1 deposit with the possibility of unlimited additional deposits),
  • Obtaining a proof certificate within 15 minutes from 75 € excl. tax, is ideal before considering filing a patent later. filing with legal time-stamping and parallel filing with a bailiff as an option, is perfectly suited for all types of files. If you are filing a concept or a prototype, simply upload text files explaining the whole, photos and sketches if possible, and anything else that explains what is important in your project.

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