deposits are confidential is a Datasure service, a subsidiary of Certisure Group, a French organisation specialising in certification and training. Founded by lawyers with an intellectual property degree, ensuring the confidentiality of the files deposited on our platform is central to our work.

The French platform implements a unique system that relies on OVH’s secure cloud architecture, certified and approved for its robustness and reliability (Certified strict standards ISO 27001, HDS, ISO 50001, GDPR…). The deposited files are hosted in Data centers exclusively located in France.

Each file is encrypted in REST with a unique AES256 key. When data is transferred to the cloud and between data centers, it is systematically protected by TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption.

Our Bailiff, a French public officer whose office is located in France, has access to a copy of the deposits when ordering a bailiff’s report. The files are never accessible to anyone else and are kept secret.

Our priority: to enable you to obtain reliable proof of anteriority while keeping your creations and files confidentials. Indeed, the absence of disclosure to the public is a fundamental legal criterion depending on your type of creation (particularly inventions). is a service with solid legal and technical expertise. For this reason, we make strict confidentiality commitments in our Terms of Use. Also, see our explanatory page on the Security and Confidentiality of the service.

What elements of the deposits are available on the register? #

The Registry allows you to prove the validity of your evidence to the world. You receive a unique IPSO number for each filing, which ensures that your certificate is traceable within the registry and is retrievable by all interested parties. The only elements present in this register are:

  • The title of your certificate (title of the deposit you gave)
  • The name of the author
  • The dates of certification

For this reason, we do not recommend that you include any confidential information in your deposit title. No other information is transmitted to the public register.