The additional deposits system

When you choose a standard or premium deposit offer to protect your creations with, you are eligible for the additional deposit system.

The platform offers for any initial deposit (whether standard or premium) to be able to deposit new files over time, even after having finalized your initial deposit. This service allows you to continue your creation process, then to deposit updates as you progress within the same initial deposit.

An additional deposit must be made from an initial deposit (accessible in the member area from the “List of finalized copyrights”). Only one file (maximum 1 GB) can be uploaded per additional upload and a description of this new addition will be requested. A new additional certificate of anteriority is then issued, and expressly targets the initial deposit by mentioning the initial title and the initial timestamp date of the project.

Just like the standard and premium deposit offers, the additional deposit system allows you to opt for one or the other of the offers depending on your needs and the size of your additional file. The price per additional deposit for 1 file is €15 excl. VAT (standard) or €40 excl. VAT (premium). Whether the initial deposit is standard or premium, it is always possible to choose one or the other offer when making a new additional deposit.

The additional deposit system is not accessible on the Express Timestamp offer.