Proof of creations by Datasure, Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP). Protecting a creation to prove your rights

The international service provides official proof of the date and content of your creations issued by a recognized trusted service provider. is provided by Datasure, the only trust service provider exclusively specialized in intellectual property which is recognised by EU and which appears on the official trust list of the European Union*.

*Datasure’s electronic timestamping service is qualified by the French State and recognized throughout the EU as of 19/12/2022. See Qualification decision and Trusted List.

The service is the online service that allows you to prove the existence, date and content of your creations to claim your rights in the event of infringement, litigation, or with your partners.

Secure and enhance your creations by guaranteeing their content and certain date directly online by completing the deposit form in the customer area.

Why protect creations and documents?

Creators, entrepreneurs and organizations give legal proof to their important creations by the official demonstration of their date and content granted by a trusted provider recognized by the State.

Each certificate is dated by qualified electronic timestamp and registered in the register. At the same time, you can obtain the Bailiff's report.

1 - Create an account

Create your account within 30 seconds on our secure platform.

2 - Make the deposit

Upload online your files showing your creation or documents to be protected.

3 - Certificate received

Your certificate is immediately available, ready to enforce your rights.

In a few minutes, it is possible to obtain your certificate directly online. After creating an account in the customer area, the deposit form is immediately accessible. After securing your files and choosing the appropriate offer, you pay for your service directly online. The certificate is issued in seconds.

Main characteristics of the service

Here is an overview of the main advantages attached to the Datasure service: for more details, refer to the characteristics page of each offer.


Our status as a qualified trust service provider (QTSP) is compulsorily recognized throughout the European Union by the law of each country, then various other countries by international agreements with the EU. Our certificates are also used to prove your copyright in more than 180 countries (Bern Convention).


The certificates issued are valid for life, no subscription is necessary to maintain the proof of your rights which is issued once and for all.

Legal value

The Datasure Time Stamping Authority is recommended by the French State and recognized at least in the national law of each EU country, but also of third countries. The certain dates issued are indisputable and regulated by the European "eIDAS" Regulation.

Guarantee in the event of a probationary dispute

Datasure is the only service provider who grants, with each deposit, the guarantee of its intervention by your side if you encounter a legal dispute involving the proof of certain date that we issue.

Possible additional deposits

Other creations to add later after the initial deposit? The additional deposit system makes it possible to add files at a reduced cost at any time during the evolution of the creations.

Security and confidentiality

A European player in digital trust recognized by the State, Datasure makes significant security commitments through its eIDAS qualification. A non-disclosure agreement is also systematically signed with each new deposit.